How and why strangers irritate me: the sniffles edition

Everybody gets sick, some significantly more than others (yes, Jess, I’m talking to you!) but not everybody has to be excruciatingly annoying when they’re sick (and no Jess, I am no longer talking to you, don’t worry, you’re a gem.) This post is brought on by the fact that I have a cold today and I admit I am annoying. My eyes are droopy, my nose is runny and I am a bum. So I stayed home today from work, which is the adult thing to do, so I don’t get my colleagues sick, and so I don’t drive them out of their minds with frustration at my consistent sniffing.

You know what I’m talking about. The incredibly annoying sniffler sitting somewhere in the back of your giant psych exam or the coworker who refuses to leave her desk to get a damn kleenex. The sniffler strikes in quiet environments, usually when you need to concentrate, and snifflers are selfish.

YES. Selfish.

Think of others you jerks, and go blow your nose. We all know that you realize how incredibly annoying your constant sniffing is because when you’re on the other side of the sniffing fence (ew?) and are not the sniffer (there are no sniffees in this scenario, don’t worry) you think those sniveling morons are annoying too. Perhaps you think the sound of you blowing your nose would be annoying. I assure you it would not. The hilarious sound of you blowing your nose would only serve to bring a smile to other students and colleagues faces. Everybody loves to laugh at people. Everybody.

So seriously, for the good of all mankind, go and get a kleenex.

~ Julia

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One thought on “How and why strangers irritate me: the sniffles edition

  1. Jess says:

    Yay.. A shut out to my underdeveloped immune system 😦 my mother actually feels guilty about that hahaha

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