How and Why Strangers Irritate Me: Slow-walkers

Recently, I have been most frequently irritated by slow-walking people. Let me be very clear. I hate these people. And they always seem to be right in front of me when I’m trying to get somewhere quickly. They also travel in packs, which makes it hard to get around them in narrow hallways and such. It’s doubly as bad.

When you go to Europe on vacation, these people are the Italian tourists. Perhaps this seems ridiculously harsh, but let me assure you that it is nothing but true. Okay, well, I guess it could be both harsh and true, but that doesn’t make it not true. You get the point. In any case, Italian tourists are always the ones that meander about aimlessly in museums and modern art galleries that you really don’t want to be at in the first place. They also think that they can take the subway, but loiter forever by the map and clog up the passageways.

German tourists, on the other hand, are possibly the most efficient people in the world. They hop on and off the subway with grace and ease. They travel in small groups and walk in direct lines. They only take one picture at any given tourist attraction and they are never, and I mean NEVER, in your way. I think that we can all learn a little something from these German tourists. And what I think we can learn is how to walk at a socially acceptable speed and with a specific purpose. Please just don’t wander around campus or the mall because you feel like walking around. That is what parks are for.

And so, slow-walkers, on behalf of everyone trying to get somewhere behind you, HURRY UP!

~ Hilary

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One thought on “How and Why Strangers Irritate Me: Slow-walkers

  1. […] codes to crack). A slow-walker is literally a person that walks slowly. However, like I have said before, these people seem to only crop up in front of you when you have somewhere important to be in a […]

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