My neck is chilly: confessions of a scarf hoarder

I admit it, I might have a bit of a scarf buying problem. Some might admire it – our brother’s fiance Jess has dubbed me her new “personal scarf shopper” (you know what you’re getting for the next 12 Christmases then my friend!). Others are rightfully afraid.

Now I know what you’re thinking: you talk a lot about hoarding, Julia. Well yes I do. Please, get over it. But in my defense, some people have collections of shoes, purses, in my parents case, dogs, and in other and more terrifying  cases, cats. Don’t scarves seem better in comparison?

I thought so.

~ Julia

Hilary, having fallen victim to my scarf hoarding. The truly sad thing is that I have obtained four scarves since this photo was taken.

A new scarf! Nothing goes better with Tokyo Police Club tees than new scarves!

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2 thoughts on “My neck is chilly: confessions of a scarf hoarder

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