University has ruined my book club

I studied English in university and loved almost every second. I’m pretty nerdy – I even have the Buddy Holly glasses to prove it. But I think the one thing university teaches you is the fine art of procrastination. Admit it: most of you are in uni right now, and reading this blog to put off reading text books. Uni teaches you to put something off to the very last second, do it in a mad rush, and still get As.

This philosophy hass not translated very well into the real world for me. I joined a book club because I missed reading, and being introduced to a varied selection of books, and uni just ruining it. RUINING! I have a whole month to read each book, and that is simply way too much time. In university, I read about four different novels each week (or “read” four different novels, meaning read about three and Spark Noted the other). My meeting is tomorrow, and I still have a quarter of the book left, because without a looming deadline giving me heart palpitations I can’t seem to work up the motivation to read on my own.

The one plus is with book clubs you can read and drink wine at the same time. What a delicious improvement.

~ Julia

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One thought on “University has ruined my book club

  1. Sqwares says:

    I did think about leaving a witty comment but then i got distracted by the telly.

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