Living the Skittle Dream

I am a self-proclaimed Skittle connoisseur. I’m serious. I eat a lot of Skittles. One day, Julia will come home and find me in a Skittle-induced sugar coma. Well, that’s if I don’t find her in a Fuzzy Peach-induced coma first. The point is that we both really love candy, but I really, REALLY love Skittles. I’m not even sure why exactly. They’re fruit-flavoured, bite-sized happiness. And it’s wonderful.

The Skittle Dream is my own creation. Essentially, the Skittle Dream occurs anytime you mix more than one kind together in one container. So, for instance, mixing wild berry flavoured Skittles with original. That is the Skittle Dream. Now, maybe some of you are not as experienced in the Skittle field as I am. So I will now tell you how to achieve your own Skittle Dream, but with the best possible result.

You can basically mix any type of Skittle with another because they’re all fruit based (except for the chocolate ones, which were a horrendous mistake and should never again be mentioned so long as we all live). I would strongly recommend that you don’t mix the sour  kind with any other. In my mind, the sour Skittles are not part of the Skittle Dream because eating more than ten of them makes your tongue bleed. For optimum results, mix original and crazy core together (they’re the best two). Wild berry and riddles are a nice blend, which leaves blenders and tropical. Trust me, I know my Skittles. Try it.

~ Hilary

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2 thoughts on “Living the Skittle Dream

  1. Shirin says:

    sooo – if I shared Skittle Dream with you, does that mean you’d have to give me more than one? 🙂

  2. I’d probably give you about seven 😀

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