How and Why Strangers Irritate Me: Whisperers

First of all, I should preface this by saying that the whispering noise really irritates me just on its own. But there are certain situations when it’s extra irritating. One of those circumstances is when people whisper in class. Why have you come to class if you’re just going to talk through the whole thing? You’re clearly not learning anything and, thanks to your hushed conversation, neither am I. This happened to me recently in one of my classes. Two girls in the row behind me had a whispered conversation for literally the entire class. I even gave them the whole Seinfeld head turn and they still didn’t stop. I made direct eye contact with one of them, but she still didn’t stop talking!

In one of my other classes, there are two guys who sit in front of me and have what I can assume they think it a whispered conversation. But they’re not actually whispering. They are clearly under the impression that they’re whispering, but it’s actually a normal vloumed conversation. Here’s a tip: if I can hear every word of your conversation, you’re speaking too loudly. I should also warn you that I think if your conversation is that loud, you’re really just inviting me to take part in it. And so, for all of you out there, whispering or “whispering” in class, let me tell you that I will be joining your conversation next time with excellent tidbits of wisdom. One of them will probably be “please shut up, I’m trying to learn”.

~ Hilary

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One thought on “How and Why Strangers Irritate Me: Whisperers

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