Why folk music is excellent (note, free music inside!)

Folk  music sort of creeps up on you insidiously in Birkenstocks and Blundstones. One second you’re listening to the Arkells and bopping around at a concert, being elbowed in the face by some jerk in a beanie and plaid shirt, and the next second you’ve stumbled upon Dan Griffin’s (keyboard and guitar player for the Arkells) website. Well, he’s just enchanting. It’s melodic folk and extremely pared down and beautiful. Bonus: it’s a free download, and you’re not going to get punched in the face by an arrogant U of T student.

I encourage you all to download it, and be enthralled. You’re welcome.

~ Julia

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3 thoughts on “Why folk music is excellent (note, free music inside!)

  1. Jilly says:

    You’re the best! This made my day.

  2. […] mean that you still shouldn’t check out our site. Re-read some things, actually download that folk music this time, get caught up, or generally just bask in our excellence. You know you want […]

  3. […] Dan Giffin, formerly of Arkells fame, playing at the Hillside Festival. What a dear. He plays the most beautiful music. […]

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