Celebrities We Could Be Friends With: Mindy Kaling

After some deliberation (ie. really not that much at all), we have come to the conclusion that there are some celebrities we could definitely be friends with. And some we could not. For instance, I could probably not be friends with Taylor Swift because her flagrant honesty makes me uncomfortable. I get it, some people think your clear honesty is refreshing. Well, I find it awkward. I really don’t need to know everything about your life. Sorry. There is a distinct difference between hilarious and random honest facts, such as the shape of one’s face, and over-sharing. We all know you wrote that song about John Mayer, Taylor. Perhaps try a metaphor once in a while, and one that is not blatantly obvious.

In any case, a celebrity that we think we could definitely be friends with is Mindy Kaling. We strongly urge all of you to find your way to a bookstore or public library to pick up a copy of her book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”. Trust us, it’s worth it. In case you are unaware, Mindy Kaling plays Kelly on The Office. What’s more is that she is a writer on the show. This means that she is hilarious. Seriously, read the book. She’s also super smart, which is something that we greatly admire in a person. Maybe that’s elitism, but maybe we don’t care. And maybe we do. Nothing is clear here. Except that Mindy Kaling is awesome and we would like to be her friend.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrities We Could Be Friends With: Mindy Kaling

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