Red Rubber Boots

A friend told me that my red rubber boots are lame. I won’t name names (Coleta), but you know who you are (Coleta). It wasn’t all bad, though, because someone else then told me my boots were great (thanks, Sheila, I appreciate it). I now feel the need to defend myself nonetheless.

I would like to now take the time to tell you all that my boots are not a style choice. Well, I mean they are a little bit. If they weren’t, my boots would be black or brown or something else equally as boring. But I wear these boots because I trek home through seven inches of mud every day on my way home from school. And, as anyone who regularly visits Guelph campus will tell you, the pathways are literally puddle-covered brick cobblestones. Maintenance people whisk around in their golf carts, pouring salt on every flat surface they can find. And while this makes it slightly easier to walk places in the winter, it also makes walking places a lot wetter. I don’t know why people even bother wearing legitimate winter boots made out of exotic materials, like suede, leather, or whatever the heck UGG boots are made from (sadness and sheep probably). Mock me if you’d like (Coleta), but at least my feet are dry (because I don’t wear flip-flops halfway into January. I have also never lost a shoe and then not realized that I lost that shoe, thus continuing to walk through several puddles. Who’s laughing at my boots now? You probably still are. It’s okay, I’ll get over it).

~ Hilary

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