My dog has a supermodel complex

Our dog is truly gorgeous. Look at him! What a beauty! You would never guess that my mum rescued him from the Humane Society and as my dad led him out, with a cone on his head (not my dad’s head, the dog’s) he (again the dog) peed on about four various strangers. This is because he was jumping and wriggling in the air, simultaneously peeing. Like one of those Crazy Daisy garden sprinklers.

It’s true – he’s good looking and dumb. Like a supermodel. This is him here, looking adoringly into the camera with his big brown eyes. Then you realize that he’s inadvertently choking himself by trying to chew on his own bandanna. He’s not allowed to wear those anymore.

Choking himself, but accidentally. He's a very happy dog, I swear.

~ Julia

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One thought on “My dog has a supermodel complex

  1. […] already blogged about our supermodel dog Sam, with his dreamy eyes and lack of any measurable intelligence, but it’s Rachel who I really […]

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