Okay, Whisperers, That’s Enough

Where have these people come from all of a sudden? One minute you’re just living your happy little life, then the next you want to hurl your pen at about five different people. And I know I’ve complained about this recently, so then why is it still happening? Clearly this blog isn’t reaching enough people. That is unacceptable. Share this with the irritating girl to your left who will not shut up as a gentle hint.

I know there are some whisperers out there, reading this and generally being offended. But, I mean, really, why are you in class? Why? Especially since you could be at William’s or some other coffee franchise, which would really be much more comfortable, telling your friend all about that guy who dumped you. I’m sorry for your loss, really I am, but you met him at a bar and he was quite honest about having another girlfriend. I don’t really know what you were expecting. But if you feel the need to tell your friend about it, some sort of catharsis obviously, please get the heck out of my lecture.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I never talk in class and I’m not telling you that you can’t also do that. A snide comment or sharing a funny comic you drew about your prof is totally fine. You know why? Because it takes like three seconds. When you spout off a whispered monologue for most of the eighty minute class, you become extremely annoying to everyone around you. Part of me isn’t even sure that you’re not irritating your friend. Having been that friend, I can assure you that sometimes we just want to shut up. I don’t care about Steve, never have, never will.

And for all the guys out there, I feel like I need to tell you this, because clearly no one else has, but you can’t whisper. I’m serious. You are literally unable to whisper. Your voice is far too deep and you’re really just having a slightly quieter than normal conversation. Please don’t misinterpret that. When I say “quieter than normal”, I really mean not that quiet at all. So don’t even bother, you’ll still be way too loud.

Thanks. I think we can all appreciate your silence. Especially Steve. He’s tired of you badmouthing him. He was never anything but honest.

~ Hilary

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2 thoughts on “Okay, Whisperers, That’s Enough

  1. Jess says:

    Hahaha! Poor Steve! Morgan and I experienced whisperers in hot yoga. Kept going once the class started. I should send them a link to this blog.

  2. […] might be too late for this concern. I have undoubtedly offended a lot of people. Mostly people who whisper during class or wear leggings as pants. I’m not sorry for this. They should know better, especially the […]

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