You Haven’t Met My Friend Elise?

I have a friend named Elise (bet you didn’t see that coming). She’s excellent. For some reason (well, not really, she’s excellent), I think of her like a celebrity. I don’t even really know why. I think maybe it’s because she’s just so great that I think everybody should know her. If you don’t know her, you should try to meet her, because, really, you will not be disappointed.

In any case, when I tell people about her, I’m always amazed that they don’t know her. But of course they don’t know her. She doesn’t live where I live and the person I’m talking to is actually from Nova Scotia. How would they possibly know her? They wouldn’t, is the answer to that. But they should.

I met Elise when I was four. She was in my ballet class and we were roses in the recital. The costumes was outrageously itchy, which I will never let go (I can hold grudges like you wouldn’t believe). The next year, the recital was Alice in Wonderland and Elise got to be the main “Little Alice” in the show. I can distinctly remember thinking that she deserved it. Seriously. In my five-year-old brain, I thought, “That’s great. She really deserves that”. Even then, I thought of Elise as a celebrity.

I talk a lot about Elise’s many talents (and it drives her mother crazy). I often tell people that Elise is the best ballet dancer EVER (along with Sheila, let’s be real here, folks). When we danced together, she was always the one I would copy at the barre, because, I of course, had no idea what I was doing. It’s okay, neither did anyone else (except for Elise). And now I talk about her other, less obvious talents. Like her incredible ability to fall asleep anywhere. And I mean anywhere. She once fell asleep standing up in the change room at dance. And it wasn’t like she was dozing or anything. She was out cold, in for the long haul. That’s impressive. Maybe you don’t think that’s impressive, but then again, you probably don’t think of Elise as a quasi-celebrity.

Here I am with Elise, clearly amazed by her awesomeness.

~ Hilary

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5 thoughts on “You Haven’t Met My Friend Elise?

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