I’m turning into my dog Rachel

Rachel taking a cute little snooze

I’ve already blogged about our supermodel dog Sam, with his dreamy eyes and lack of any measurable intelligence, but it’s Rachel who I really identify with. She’s wily, having escaped from her original owners; she’s empathetic, evidenced by how she shakes like a leaf whenever Sam is in trouble (which is often); she’s friendly and she wiggles her bum.

She’s just like meeeeeeeeeeee!

She’s also crafty and will eat food right off the table. Well I eat food off tables too! Uncanny right?

She’s allergic to EVERYTHING. Grass, water, wheat, stress. She breaks out into rashes on a daily basis. I’m allergic to winter, Herbal Essences, the water that comes out of my shower I’m pretty sure, and Watermelon Lotion from the Body Shop. I’m sadly itchy about half of the time.

She likes a good long nap in a cozy chair by the fire. Long walks on the beach, drinking pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.


The long and the short of it is, the longer I hang out with Rachel, the more similar we become. I think it’s best for both of us that I move out soon.

~ Julia

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3 thoughts on “I’m turning into my dog Rachel

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