Cyclists: do you have a death wish or something?

I really want to like cyclists. In theory, who wouldn’t love a cyclist? They’re helping save the environment with their travel mugs, granola, earth friendly hemp bike shorts and lack of fossil fuels. But honestly, I think some cyclists have a death wish, and I would prefer not to kill anybody. That is not my goal when I get into my car. I promise.

Some cyclists seem to think that they’re invincible, invisible and above the law. But when you streak through a red light in your black spandex leotard and weave through senior citizens and hurried business people you’re taking your life into your hands.

And yes, perhaps it would help if all cities had a better network of bike lanes and if all bikers had mirrors and lights. But you know what would help most? If people stopped being stupid. Riding your bike shouldn’t be natural selection in the works. Please follow the rules of the road. Please.

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