The need for focus group continues (again): Doctor Pepper commercial

This commercial is actually laughable in delivery, yet, it unexpectedly communicates the Doctor Pepper brand quite well. Huh?

I’m of course talking about the “One of a Kind” commercial, which focuses on one not entirely good looking guy. We see him first chatting on his cell phone looking like he’s lost the will to live – if only. But no the commercial continues, and we see a whole crowd of people in suits walking briskly all around, looking stressed and important. He’s just another suit in a sea of suits. How sad for him to be well off and successful. I really pity this poor guy who’s probably a lawyer or some other professional. What a hard, hard life.

Then he takes off his suit to reveal a red t-shirt that says I’m One of a Kind, and for about a second, he is. But then he’s joined by a mob of people in identical red shirts, just with other equally stupid sayings on them. YEAH. Well done Doctor Pepper the irony overwhelms me.

Though as Hilary said, “that one dude has a rockin prosthetic leg.” Woot?

Perhaps the saddest thing though, is that this commercial actually kind of aligns with the Doctor Pepper brand. Unlike the main character in his ridiculous red t-shirt, Doctor Pepper is one of a kind. I don’t know what flavor Doctor Pepper is pretending to be. I don’t like it either. But it is one of a kind.

~ Julia

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