Celebrities We Could Be Friends With: The Emmas

We have already said that we could be friends with Mindy Kaling, mainly because she’s awesome. But we also think we could be friends with a whole bunch of famous people named Emma, specifically Thompson, Watson, and Stone. Why, you ask. Well, because they’re awesome.

Such a beautiful Emma

Emma Thompson:

Let’s be honest, Emma Thompson is way too cool for us. But if she wasn’t, we could totally be her friend. Nanny McPhee makes Julia cry every time and she’s also the best character in Love Actually, which makes Julia cry every time…so, on second thought, maybe we couldn’t be friends with Emma Thompson because Julia would be a complete basket case every time we hung out. But despite the weeping, Emma Thompson would make a great friend because she’s wonderful, charming, funny, and also intelligent. So very intelligent. And classy.

What an adorable Emma

Emma Watson:

Emma Watson also seems very intelligent. She went to some Ivy League school in the States, which would be impressive to me if I was American. While she began her Harry Potter acting career with a bit too much eyebrow waggling, she made up for it in the end by becoming the best-looking cast member. Runner up: Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom). Seriously, he got GORGEOUS. But mostly, she’s just such a sweetie. A really well-dressed sweetie. We love her.

Such a fancy Emma

Emma Stone:

Emma stone has wide baby alien eyes, and we dig it. But mostly she’s just hilarious. If you haven’t seen Easy A there’s something wrong with you. The way she says “Melanie Baahh-stick” cracks us up every single time. She’s freckly, she’s talented, she’s incredibly sassy. She’s pretty much Hilary, if Hilary were in an Oscar nominated movie.

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