Bring Salt Back!

I’m sure you’ve seen these commercials or variations of them. Every time I see them, I want to cry, which does not as such inspire me to buy salt-less side dishes. They are so depressing! If anything, it makes me want to eat more salt just so that poor little salt shaker will stop crying salt, which frankly seems very uncomfortable (it’s also a little creepy, I won’t lie).

And this one makes me sad for the pepper shaker, too! So now I’m doubly sad and I still don’t want to eat any of those side dishes. Even if I did, my streaming tears would probably pool in the pasta and that would not be pleasant.

~ Hilary

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3 thoughts on “Bring Salt Back!

  1. Jess says:

    I always get very sad, as well. Terrible.

  2. Ali G says:

    Reminds me of this horrible commercial from a few years back. So depressing. How could she throw the lamp away???

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