Oh Dear…

So you’ve probably seen a picture of K-Fed at some point in what you hoped was a fat suit (but it wasn’t). Well, according to this article from “Oh No They Didn’t“, he has lost some weight on an Australian weight loss show. First of all, it is apparent that he has indeed lost some weight, although I wouldn’t classify it as “some”. I would classify it as the body weight of three, albeit thin, individuals. He has lost a lot of weight, is the point. I’m am genuinely pleased for the sake of his heart health.

Jessica Simpson may not be having twins, but he definitely is.

The second thing I would like to bring up is this Australian weight loss show that he was/is partaking in. He had to go all the way to Australia to lose weight? But on the other hand, glad it’s working for him, because he apparently had a minor heart attack. A HEART ATTACK. He’s thirty-three and he’s already had a heart attack. And he’s still smoking. Now I am not so happy for his heart health. Poor little heart.

Also, he is apparently with his girlfriend in those photos and their child, which brings me to my next question, which is how many children does this man have? He must be like super fertile or something. On the plus side, I have renewed hope for his and Britney’s kids (kind of) now that she seems to have recovered from…the past…you know what I mean.

~ Hilary

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