Who Knew a Mole Could Make Such a Difference?

I have given this a lot of thought and I’ve come to the realization that Enrique Iglesias was a very different man when he had that mole. And who would’ve thought that it would make such a difference? But it has. He seemed to be a much gentler soul with that mole (no, I did not mean for that to rhyme). There is a very big difference between Enrique with the mole and Enrique post-mole.

For example, this song is rather racy. Yes, I do sound like your great-aunt Mildred, but you know what, children? Aunty Mildred is right. She also smells like mothballs, but that’s another issue entirely. When did it become okay for us to see full bum in music videos? Why is that okay? I don’t want to see that. Put it away. Also, I think we all know that the real title of this song was not “loving”. He was not loving her, kids. He was probably loving something, but it wasn’t her.

And here is an example of Enrique with the mole. A very different man, no? Although, I will admit that the whispering at the beginning is rather creepy. No, you may not be my hero. I would also like to point out that at a time when Enrique Iglesias’s mole was culturally relevant, so was Jennifer Love Hewitt. Does anybody else think that Ghost Whisperer was perhaps a bit of a mistake? Also, I take this video as an anti-drug campaign. Kids, don’t do drugs or you too will end up in a terrible music video with Enrique’s mole like Mickey Rourke.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is what we here at Sarcasm Soapbox like to call an ugly crier.

~ Hilary

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