This Guy Kills Me

My mother is a fan of Il Divo. Is that really a surprise? She loves that they enunciate while they sing. In any case, due to my mother’s love of O Sole Mio and enunciation, I have listened to many an Il Divo song. I have also seen a few videos. This one is the best.

Why is this the best, you ask. Well, clearly you didn’t watch it. Not only does it have bagpipes, enunciation, and smoke machines, but the guy with the one eyebrow constantly raised can belt things out like you would not believe. Seriously, it’s unreal. And I love it so much. I laugh every single time.

But they don’t let him sing that much all the time and I think it might be because he is clearly so much better than the others, who slightly resemble an Italian boy band. I mean, really, his penchant for tuxedos and incredible ability to raise his eyebrow like that for such extended periods of time automatically makes him one of the best people on earth. You heard me.

~ Hilary

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One thought on “This Guy Kills Me

  1. […] Mum would just love him. Also belts it out but in a VERY different way. No big […]

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