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The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Awful

I was at a dance competition last weekend and heard some pretty odd song choices. For instance, one poor tapper did a solo to what I can only assume was the most horrific Oasis cover of all time. Of course, I might think this partially because I think that Oasis is terrible and that “Wonderwall” is one of the worst songs ever written and recorded. I hate it, just in case you were unclear on that front. And so, as a result of my burning hatred, it makes me wonder why on earth anyone would ever take that song and think, “You know what? I bet this song would sound great as a cheesy jazz number”. Let me assure you that they were horrendously incorrect. Worst. Song. Ever. Continue reading

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Let’s celebrate joy

No I don’t mean some lady named Joy, though I’m sure she’s great. I mean joy, the emotion. I think it’s really important to discuss the more unsavory things in life. We need to be aware of these things, and we need to talk about them and  figure out solutions or ways to heal and move on. I get that. But what I don’t get is why art – of all sorts – has to be depression-centered to be considered “good”. Continue reading

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Movie review: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror most definitely had it’s moments, and staring into this dreamy face certainly didn’t hurt:

Introducing Armie Hammer, the gorgeous Prince Alcott. You can also see Armie in the far more intelligent J. Edgar.

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Tabloids Lie!

Last night, I was talking with Julia and two of our very bestest dance friends, Kim and Sheila (yes, the Sheila who prayed to God for Julia in ballet class). We were talking about tabloids and what crap they are. I think we can all agree that this is true. And there are so many reasons, but here are a few specific ones. Continue reading

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I Am Deeply Confused And Slightly Uncomfortable

Please watch the following video and then we can all be confused and uncomfortable together.

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Why do people still watch Gossip Girl? (I honestly want to know)

Having just witnessed a commercial for an “All New Gossip Girl” I have to ask, who still watches that show? And even more importantly, why?? Continue reading

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Justin Bieber Trampled By a Herd of Wild Chinchillas

I bought an OK magazine the other day that had a headline perhaps just as misleading as the one above (so, to answer your question thirteen-year-old girl, no, Justin Bieber was not actually trampled by chinchillas). The title of People’s April issue was “My First Days as a New Mom”, which was accompanied by a giant photo of Jessica Simpson. Below, there was another, albeit smaller picture, of Jessica Simpson with a baby. This is very misleading, no? They have clearly made it seem like she has had her baby and is now sharing what her first days have been like. Blinding, if the photo at the bottom is to be believed. The baby looks exactly like Mr. Potato-Head. Only less lively.

"They can't wait for another baby"? They haven't even had the first one!

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Retail therapy days

Sometimes you just have days where you need to wander around the mall and be distracted by all the lovely new spring merch. I overheard a woman talking in RW&Co about her baby that she was pushing around in a stroller: “She gets fussy around 6:00 so I take her out shopping, and she gets distracted by all the colours and stays calm!” I am much like that infant. Continue reading

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This is the Worst Categorization System Ever

I have recently discovered this artist and I love him. So, I went to buy his newest album at HMV the other day.

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Nip-Nip and Kip-Kip’s guide to London

If you’ve never read this blog before, I’ll fill you in. Hilary and I went to London last year and it was AWESOME. I’m just waiting for her to hurry and and graduate so we can go back to the UK, but you know how these university degrees go; they don’t just hand them out for free. Anyways, when I was cleaning out my room I discovered this gem: our official guide to London. Hilary obviously came up with the nicknames, and I can’t remember who was who, but here we go. Continue reading

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