You People Just Keep Getting Funnier and Funnier

Julia and I have both commented on the search terms used to find our blog at this point, but, man, it just keeps getting better and better. Seriously. Some of them are just too funny to not share. And I would hate for all of you to miss out. I’m such a thoughtful individual, aren’t I?

“Is Adam Levine a little tipsy on The Voice?”

It’s entirely possible. That might explain why he chose to wear the sweater of a fourteen-year-old girl.

“Why do people not like wearing leggings as pants?”

It’s not that people don’t like to wear leggings as pants, it’s that other people don’t like people to wear leggings as pants. I don’t need to see every contour of your bum that badly. There are, of course, exceptions. If you’re pregnant, for instance. You can pretty much wear whatever the heck you want. Trust me, no one would blame you. We understand.

“I hate leather gloves”

Thanks for sharing. But why would you search this? Perhaps they were hoping that Google would be able to provide more instances of people hating leather gloves so that they could feel confirmed in their own hatred of leather gloves.

“Peening in my rubber boots”

Considering that “peening” is not actually a word, I’m slightly concerned that this person meant to write “peeing”. This alarms me. Don’t pee in your rubber boots. At least pee in someone else’s.

“Why are Australians blonde?”

Why are Bulgarians blonde? It’s the same thing.


I can’t help but think that whoever searched this was likely horrendously disappointed when they found our blog. Although, there is the photo of Simon Baker, so maybe not…

“How old is Ricky from One Direction?”

This one cracks me up because there is definitely no one named Ricky in One Direction.

“RealTouch vinyl skin”

Someone actually searched this?! Who is looking for this? Good Lord.

“Il Divo are crap”

My mother would strongly disagree with you on that one. And again, what is with people searching their own opinionated statements on the internet? You don’t need to do that. These are your thoughts.

“Is the mole real on Jennifer Love Hewitt?”

Is this really what people are concerned with? Who is looking this up? What does it really matter? The best part is that someone also searched “Jennifer Love Hewitt ugly crier”. Couldn’t agree with you more.

~ Hilary

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One thought on “You People Just Keep Getting Funnier and Funnier

  1. […] then there are others, who look for much more specific things. Like that person who searched “How old is Ricky from One Direction?” But someone else also searched “One Direction boy band, do they wear wigs?” […]

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