Does anyone remember “Whose Line is it Anyway?” I do. I used to watch that show all the time with my family. It’s hilarious. And then Drew Carey lost all that weight and tried to start up another comedy show, which, frankly, is not quite as funny, despite the fact that it features almost all of the same people.

Regardless, this is my favourite clip of the show, mainly because Ryan and Colin are great together. I often find myself saying “hor-ror”. It’s fun. Try it.

Why is Colin Mockery so great? It’s hard to answer, I know.

~ Hilary

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3 thoughts on “Hor-ror

  1. thechad00 says:

    I still watch clips of this show on Youtube all the time! My favourite is when these 2 do a skit with Richard Simmons as a guest…

  2. lnisbet says:

    Bend a car? Pat Benatar! I used to watch this with my family all the time too and it always had us in tears – hilarious show!

  3. lnisbet says:

    also, this just sent me on a total whose-line video watching spree which led to the rediscovery of this gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDU10TD85DM&feature=related – I’m crying from laughing so hard!

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