Oh grow up

I think it’s a bit silly to complain about your age, until you hit at least 90. Maybe, maybeeeee 80. But I honestly just don’t understand complaining about getting “old” and turning 23. And this is why:

1. You’re not old, until you’re at least 90. At 90 you have wrinkles in earnest, blue hair, and society’s “ok” to say out loud what everybody else is thinking but is too nice to say (imagine Hilary and I at this age? Oh lord!). Only when these three things happen are you old.

2. Having a few fine lines, a few veins, and a few kids does not make you old. You’re just different from when you were 12, and isn’t that a good thing? I mean who the heck wants acne, knobbly knees and braces for life? I think you get a better deal as you get older, and I think if you remember how awkward being in grade six was, you would agree.

3. Turning 23 does not make you old. The same goes for 25, 29, 30, 40, 52, all the way up until 90. Seriously. But mostly I say this to people of my generation. We have a serious problem here. Nobody wants to turn 20, they want to stay 19 forever. Really? Why is that? At 19 you’re not even allowed to consume alcohol in the United States. And people don’t want to turn 25, they want to stay 24 forever. Well let me tell you something: when you graduate university and begin working in the real world and you’re under 25, everybody thinks you’re fresh out of the womb. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! But honestly you will never feel so young. It’s rather humbling.

Now I’m not telling you to wish away your life and dream of getting older, but I am telling you to grow up and get over your Peter Pan complex. Getting older is inevitable, and honestly, probably better than the alternative right? The only way to prevent yourself from getting older is to die. Not ideal, to say the least. And didn’t you see Benjamin Button? Getting younger with time is dead depressing. So, why stress about something you can’t prevent? Until you invent a time machine, don’t complain to me, my friends.

… Plus, who in their right minds wouldn’t enjoy a day filled with cake and presents? That never gets old.

~ Julia

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3 thoughts on “Oh grow up

  1. I jokingly say I am old… Is that cool? Thank GOD I’m not 19 anymore! Bring on the age-induced wiseness!!

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  3. […] As you know, I think it’s silly when people say that they don’t like birthdays or don’t want to get older. It’s better than the alternative right? But on a softer note, it’s actually ok. I promise, growing up will be alright. […]

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