Cruel Inventions of Torture

No, I am not talking about stoning or Chinese water torture, terrible as those things are. I am talking about group projects. I think we can all agree that group projects are THE WORST. Seriously awful. Why do teachers and professors think these are good ideas? They’re not. They are horrible, horrible ideas. I have never had a really great group project experience. I will admit that I’ve had some bearable ones, but most of them have been truly horrendous.

And here’s why. You are almost always stuck with morons. Perhaps that sounds unkind, but it’s not. It’s just factual. And then your “group” project just becomes an extra large individual project that other less intelligent people take credit for. But group projects are also awful because it is impossible to schedule reasonable amounts of time to do the actual work. And teachers and profs always say that they assign group projects to prepare you for the real working world, but you get time during your work day to work on these stupid projects in the working world. You don’t have to get together on campus at 10:30 at night with a group of irritating strangers because that one girl with the fake nails refuses to wake up in the morning anytime before noon.

This is why people should stop assigning group projects. Everybody hates them. Even the tool who didn’t come to any of the meetings and forgot to do their research.

~ Hilary

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One thought on “Cruel Inventions of Torture

  1. Ah group projects. And they don’t get left behind in university: there are always an endless supply of group projects in the working world.

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