Perhaps this is old news but BRANGELINA ENGAGED!

According to the very reputable Hamilton Spectator (is that true? I don’t know, I’m not from there), Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in fact engaged, as confirmed by his manager, “and yes, she confirms that Brad designed the ring.” I’m not sure why that’s such an incredibly important detail – perhaps Brad Pitt will now foray into designing jewelery and leave acting and his hoards of children behind?

I’m very happy for the long-haired Pitt and his skeleton-with-lips fiance, and honestly, they can do whatever they wish with their lives and their relationship. Get married, don’t get married, who really cares? Besides their kids and possibly Jennifer Aniston. BUT. I distinctly remember Brad Pitt on a rather recent episode of Ellen chatting about marriage. Ellen asked him what they were waiting for, and he said that they would not be getting married until everybody in America had the right to get married. Take a look for yourself:

Now a man’s allowed to change his mind, and if it’s the right time for your relationship then that’s all there is to it. But perhaps one should not make such politically charged statements and then just kind of … ignore that they were ever said. What has changed between September 2011 and now? Not much my friends, there are still a lot of people in the USA who are not legally allowed to get married. A lot of them are minors and it’s just plain common sense to keep that rule in force. But a lot of them aren’t and their marriages will not be recognized for other political reasons. Get married all you want Brangelina, that’s totally cool. All I’m saying is don’t throw around broad sweeping statements like that if you’re not committed to following through. Just my take.

~ Julia

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