This is the Worst Categorization System Ever

I have recently discovered this artist and I love him. So, I went to buy his newest album at HMV the other day.

Now that you have hopefully listened to at least part of the song, you will understand my confusion. I went to the store, looked through the entire alphabet of rock/pop artists, and couldn’t find it. So then I went to the front and looked through new releases. Obviously it wasn’t there, because why would they showcase this guy from Barrie, Ontario when they could put the best of Katy Perry on display instead? (Here’s a question: Has Katy Perry really been around long enough to have a greatest hits album? She’s no Kylie Minogue).

So then I asked the saleslady and even she couldn’t find it. Eventually, however, the album was retrieved from a single shelf of folk artists. Pardon? If Bahamas is folk music, then, by that logic, so is Vampire Weekend. Folk music almost always involves banjos or a stand-up bass.

For example, this is folk music.

But, according to HMV, this might as well be.

It isn’t. Just in case you were wondering.

~ Hilary

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