The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Awful

I was at a dance competition last weekend and heard some pretty odd song choices. For instance, one poor tapper did a solo to what I can only assume was the most horrific Oasis cover of all time. Of course, I might think this partially because I think that Oasis is terrible and that “Wonderwall” is one of the worst songs ever written and recorded. I hate it, just in case you were unclear on that front. And so, as a result of my burning hatred, it makes me wonder why on earth anyone would ever take that song and think, “You know what? I bet this song would sound great as a cheesy jazz number”. Let me assure you that they were horrendously incorrect. Worst. Song. Ever.

And then, in the same tap category, another person danced to a cover of U2’s “Vertigo”. It was also awful. I mean, U2 is not so great on its own, so there was really no need to take a half-decent song and make it worse. Why someone felt that there was that need, I’m not sure.

What I’m leading up to is that I think more people should take a page out of Johnny Cash’s book. Johnny Cash, as we all know, is great at taking other people’s songs and making them far better than they were before. I mean, to be fair, the original Nine Inch Nails version of “Hurt” was good to begin with, but in a very different way.

Johnny Cash, incidentally, also covered U2’s “One”. It’s not my favourite song in the world, but it’s quite a bit better than it was before.

~ Hilary

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