I give valuable advice

Hilary and I went to a bridal shower on the weekend for our future sister-in-law Jess, whom we love a lot. The other bridesmaids came up with a great idea: all the guests wrote down marriage advice on a circle, which was glued onto a large paper flower (as the centre) and then Jess got to take home a bouquet of advice. Super cute right? It was extremely hard though, not having been married myself. Gosh, I’m going to be looking to Jess for advice when that time comes, not the other way around. But mostly, it was especially hard, because the only advice I could think of was extremely crap, yet valuable in the long run. Here are some examples:

Never eat yellow snow

Fish make boring pets

Always wear clean underwear

Slippers make great presents

Cereal makes good dinner

Everybody likes chocolate

Drink wine all the time

Nothing cures a hangover like scrambled eggs on toast with ketchup

Double sided tape. Enough said.

I think that this is all solid life advice. I hope you agree.

~ Julia

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