Oh hey, Twitter!

Hello, good people of the Twitterverse!

You will be pleased to know that a) Julia’s animated film “There’s Broccoli in my Salad” about that fun-loving newt Chester is in the post-production phase, and b) that Sarcasm Soapbox has set up its very own twitter account. Obviously we set it up, not the website, though that would be wholly more impressive. Wholly.

But I digress. This means that you can now follow us on twitter to find out when new posts are published and probably also random musings of our bizarre minds. Such as the full back story for “There’s Broccoli in my Salad”, which I am seriously contemplating writing at this point. But really, with a lead character like Chester the newt and his sidekick Harold the salamander, the plot will pretty much write itself.

Follow us @SarcasmSoapbox.

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