What I’m reading right now: The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers, by Patrick DeWitt, is a postmodernist western, that won a whole heck of a lot of awards, as you can see by House of Anansi’s website. But that’s only the part of the reason that I wanted to read it. Well I won’t lie it’s a lot of the reason I wanted to read it because those awards are endorsements. I invite you to look at “Heather’s Picks” on Indigo. She’s not really discovering some unknown author from an unknown publisher. Ondaatje? Yeah he’s only slightly famous. But I digress.

The other, and more significant reasons I wanted to read The Sisters Brothers (which are incidentally the reasons I recommend you read it too) are twofold: it’s humorous and it’s a postmodernist western. It’s darkly comedic, in fits and spurts, interspersed with a deeply introspective and rather philosophical narrative. I agree with Hil, why does everything have to be dead depressing to be considered a good work of art? The Sisters Brothers is proof that that’s jut untrue, thankfully. Yeah sure sad things happen, but that’s life. Happy things often happen in life too, people.

Secondly, but most importantly, I love postmodernism (NERD ALERT!). I think it’s pretty great to take this typical rough plot line that conforms to Western genre literary conventions and then transplant in this really excellent intelligent and personal narrative. Plus, the postmodern cowboy was disastrously attempted in Cowboys and Aliens and it’s frankly about time someone did it right. I love literary nerdiness and cowboys. It’s just true.

I think you should also read The Sisters Brothers because it’s interesting, humorous, and an award-winner. Can’t lose!

~ Julia

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2 thoughts on “What I’m reading right now: The Sisters Brothers

  1. I am excited to read it it!!!

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