Welcome to The Boney Coalition

Alright, so I have a piece of bone fused into my ankle joint which is called a boney coalition, but personally, I feel like the name sounds more like an angry political movement. And that is what I’m making it. Kind of.

I, along with Julia and our good friend (I feel like I should start calling her Comrade) Coleta, have dedicated our lives (perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration) to musical styling of Boney M. I suggest you do the same. And thus will be born the rise of The Boney Coalition.

This song is proof of everything. They have been sampled by some random techno group, but, let’s be honest, the original is obviously better. Everything that involves steel drums always is. Besides, the one and only male in this group is not actually singing. They hired him for his impeccable dance moves. He used to be a male stripper.

~ Hilary Axle Hatchet

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