Lost and Found (Or Rather Lost and Should be Burned)

Lost and found tubs/buckets are disgusting. I’m sure you’ve noticed this. They’re kind of like vortexes of clothing and belongings that will never be reclaimed (especially if the owner knows what’s good for them). This is likely why things sit in there for years at a time, festering in the communal grossness. Julia once picked up a novelty goldfish umbrella from the lost and found at dance, which we then took to London for lack of other travel-sized umbrellas. People outright laughed at us because of it. For a place that experiences an outrageous amount of precipitation, you think they’d have more novelty umbrellas. They don’t.

The gist is that most things in the lost and found should stay there forever and never be touched. Case in point: underwear. There is frequently pairs of underwear at the studio’s lost and found. Fortunately, they are children’s underwear, which I think makes it slightly better. It makes me think that they were (hopefully) just a spare pair that happened to fall out of the dance bag. Nonetheless, let’s all make a pact right now. If you go anywhere wearing underwear, that underwear should never leave your body, and you should ALWAYS leave with your underwear. ALWAYS.

~ Hilary Axle Hatchet

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3 thoughts on “Lost and Found (Or Rather Lost and Should be Burned)

  1. Marnie Kerr says:

    Oh Hilary, you are so right!! So many nasty things end up in the L&F at our studio as well, but they never put underwear in – they just get thrown out!!

  2. […] on, on camera no less, and how embarrassing for them! But that can be solved easily, by following Hilary’s pact and wearing underwear at all times, and never letting it leave your body when in public. I think it […]

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