Mind your manners

Email has evolved a long way since it’s inception in the middle ages. Seriously, I feel like it has been around for a million years. It boggles my mind that people used to hand write letters (because there were no typewriters even) and then mail them to each other using the oh so reliable method that is PIGEONS. Honestly! Yeah right am I sending off my letters strapped to the leg of a flying rat. That’s how you get hepatitis, leprosy, and other gruesome illnesses. But since then, some bloke invented email, and we all have one, maybe even two or three email addresses. And this is where it all went to crap.

At first sending an email was like sending a letter only cheaper. But now we email so frequently that, really, there’s no need for the formalities anymore. There’s no need for the “My dearest, most esteemed Patsy” or the “with love, respect, and all good wishes, yours truly, Susan.” I mean really Susan? Get a grip. But you know what there is need for? Politeness. Kindness. A please and thank you here and there. Perhaps, just perhaps, a simple “Hi Melvin,”. That’s really all I ask, and my name isn’t even Melvin. I don’t care if you’re typing it out on your Blackberry. Sending an email that says “No, it’s on Tuesday.” and that’s IT, is just not really ok. An email isn’t a text, or an IM – it’s not a quick conversation, it’s a correspondence. You’re still required to be polite.

I know we’ve come a long way from carrier pigeons and that’s undeniably a good thing. But we haven’t come so far that you can shed all your manners and bark out typed replies like a drill sergeant with a smart phone. So please, remember your email etiquette.

~ Julia

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