Being a celebrity must be terrible for just this one reason

… The fact that anybody and everybody can just dig up your old yearbook photos.

Usually I think it’s a bit crap when celebrities complain about being a celebrity, and all the downsides to it. I get it – it would be overwhelmingly terrifying to be stalked by a mob of photographers and fans everywhere you go. But nobody really forced you into that lifestyle, so I’m not sure that I’m overly sympathetic.

But I am sympathetic about the fact that these peoples’ yearbook photos are all over the interweb. Seriously, that must be awful. I think that’s the one reason alone I can’t become a celebrity. Yes. That’s the ONLY thing holding me back from being incredibly famous and wealthy. In all honesty, my high school photos aren’t bad because I had worked out what to do with my extremely thick hair and had had my braces removed by then. But middle school? Those must never be shown to the public. And I don’t think I’m alone on this – I think a lot of people have this rather unfortunate thing in common with me. Even famous people.

Oh my Avril Lavigne. I feel your pain.

Hot damn Harrison Ford!

Blake Lively. Somehow she looks… different.

And yet, Matthew McConaughey looks exactly the same.

~ Julia

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One thought on “Being a celebrity must be terrible for just this one reason

  1. katie says:

    Why does Blake Lively look like Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus?

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