You’re a Jerk. No Offense.

Have you ever noticed that any time someone says “no offense”, it’s usually after something horrendously offensive? Just because you have tacked those two words on the end there, it doesn’t make what you have just said any less hurtful. Case in point: “You’re a jerk. No offense”. You have still called me a jerk, even if you don’t want me to be offended by it. Just a little helpful hint, I am.

It’s kind of like when people “take it back”. That means absolutely nothing to me. You have already said what you clearly really meant to say and you then adding “I take it back” does not make me want to forgive you. Even a little. At all. “Your feet smell and I hate you. No wait, I take that back”. I don’t care if you feel bad for saying that to me. Seriously, just imagine how I feel?

In my world, there are no “no offenses” and no “taking backsies”. You meant what you said, that’s why you said it. And yes, my world is a horrible place full of hatred and honesty.

~ Hilary Axle Hatchet


One thought on “You’re a Jerk. No Offense.

  1. […] But it’s okay, though, because he then follows it up with “No offense”, and I think we all know that that makes it okay. You can say terrible things about someone so long as you tack “no offense” on to the end. Oh no wait…YOU CAN’T. […]

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