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Ropera: It’s a thing

I have noticed that a there’s a rather unmentioned music genre, which I will now title “ropera”. It could also be called “operock” or “rockera”. It’s a blending of rock and opera music. Odd, I know, but it exists and I think it needs to be brought to light. I’m not actually entirely certain how I feel about it, but it’s a reality that needs to be faced. Continue reading

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Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

Guys, William Lyon Mackenzie King has raised the bar. He has FOUR names. I cannot let him win like this (even though he’s been dead for several decades now). And so, I will henceforth be known as Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet. Take that, sir! I’ve even stolen one of your names! Hah! Continue reading

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“My life is like a sitcom, and unfortunately it’s Seinfeld”

A couple weekends ago, Julia and I went to a friend’s bachelorette party. Julia told you about her foot pain experience via high heels, but there were other, more hilarious things that happened to us that we have yet to share. I’m not going to lie, it’s largely because they were not so funny at the time. But I feel that an appropriate amount of time has passed now. Continue reading

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The slippery concept of luxury

I suppose “luxury” as a term could be quite obvious – luxury sedans, for example, or a luxurious fur coat. But really, who wants to drive a great boat of a car, or incur the wrath of PETA? Not me if we’re being honest. And yes, there are quite a few activities and locations that are obviously and overtly luxurious. Owning a yacht – that is luxury! Mostly because it’s wholly unnecessary when we get right down to it, and that level of excess is what makes it luxurious. Also the fact that you get to wear adorable boating shoes and nautical stripes whilst sipping mimosas. Or certain hotels. You know the kind – 5 (billion) star, gleaming marble lobby, palm tress, cabana boys, and infinity/vanishing edge pools. That’s definitely luxury, and again it’s obvious because it’s excessive. Nobody really needs to sit in infinity pools and drink cocktails worth more than my rent (as lovely as it does sound). Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes the BBC version came in at the library yesterday, so naturally, I watched two episodes straight away. It’s wonderful and fantastic, but what’s more wonderful and fantastic is how my mother constantly mispronounces Benedict Cumberbatch’s name. I mean, I know it’s unusual (to say the least), but I don’t think it’s a particularly large challenge. Continue reading

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The great wedding lie: “The best part is you can wear it again!”

Our summer has become just one giant wedding blur of happiness, free wine, cucumber sandwiches and adorable dresses, so it’s only appropriate that I continue to blog about wedding things. Today, The Great Wedding Lie: “And the best part is you can totally wear it again!” Continue reading

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Nobody raps quite like Sherlock Holmes

Happy Tuesday folks. Nothing really brightens up the most crap work day of the week like an RDJ rap spoof meme. That’s right, I said it. Continue reading

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Oh Hey, Ankle Pain, How Have You Been?

Like I promised yesterday, I will now tell you about our wedding adventures in Ottawa. Besides getting lost a few times within the city, it was basically uneventful. Uneventful, but loads and loads of fun. It was a beautiful ceremony, a delicious meal (which is good because, with weddings, it can really go either way), and the speeches were touching and emotional (in a good way).

Here’s Julia (looking fabulous in her bridesmaid dress) and I after the ceremony with our brother and his lovely fiancee.

Continue reading

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Who knew marionettes are so romantic?: A post brought to you by The Bachelorette

This week, Emily is in Prague, the most romantic city in Europe with her remaining six hopefuls. This week there are four dates, three one-one-ones and then a group. You know what that means! More screen time for John Wolf! Continue reading

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The (one) male trump card

Even Daniel Craig is grumpy at the prospect of wearing a suit in the heat.

You know how women are always ranting about how easy guys have it? No childbirth, no “time of the month”, no shaving of the legs, blah blah blah. While this is generally true, men have a sweet deal, let’s not blame them because a. it’s not their faults, and b. they’ve got a serious trump card:

They have to wear suits to summer weddings. Continue reading

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