The Hollywood Bro Machine

I’ve noticed a peculiar correlation my friends, and I’m going to share it through the magic of photos. The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Twilight series have all, and will all, be compared and contrasted to death. You’re probably sick of hearing it. But I think I’ve stumbled upon a unique comparison you probably haven’t read about before: all the male leads in the blockbuster films adaptations have really square jaws.

Hunger Games – Peeta. Hutcherson: the most Bro of them all.

Harry Potter – Harry. Look at Daniel Radcliff clench (his jaw) in determination.

Twilight – Edward. Robert Pattinson – so chiseled.


Anticlimactic wasn’t it?

You are probably asking yourself how in the name of Dumbledore’s pants this is in any way relevant to anything. Well frankly, it’s not. But it does kind of show that Hollywood can make any XY chromosome set a bro, including Daniel Chicken-Legs Radcliff, and Robert I’m-Whiter-Thank-Milk Pattinson – which is no small feat. It also means that my pentagon-shaped jaw and I should get an agent, because we’re clearly missing out on some golden opportunities here.

~ Julia

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