Movie review: Snow White and the Hunstman


Like our friends Nicole and Carolyn so perfectly put it: “I really wanted to like this movie…” but. There’s a but here, and it’s bigger than Nicki Minaj’s.

I think on a macro level/grand scheme, the movie was quite good. The overall plot, we thought, was good – so good that it, along with Chris Hemsworth’s general dreaminess, pretty well saved the entire film. Even Kristen’ Stewart’s acting was better than expected. Oh sure, she slipped into the nauseated/panic attack face that she employs for 90% of the Twilight movies near the end, but whilst running through the (incredibly scary and Hunger Games-esque) forest, she did a really, really good job of looking scared out of her very wits. The immensely creepy incestuous relationship between the queen and her brother was also done really well. And by really well I mean it weirded the bejeebus out of us. Everything from the brother’s creepy haircut (yes it’s possible for a haircut to be creepy) to the overly tender and intimate moments he shared with his sister was crafted masterfully to creep out ultimately.

It was almost like this was the first draft though, and the movie still needed some polishing and finishing up. It had such potential! But it was on the micro level – in the details – that this movie really fell apart in a bad, bad way. Specifically the writing, the directing and that immensely weird scene in the “sanctuary” part of the forest where Kristen Stuart bonds with a silver moose, or Harry Potter’s patronus. That was incredibly strange, and didn’t advance the plot in any way.

The writing often slipped into cliche territory or was either too dramatic or too anticlimactic. Chris Hemsworth we feel made the most of his lines and valiantly acted them the best he could, but Kristen Stewart, not exactly known for her numerous Oscar noms, struggled with the ridiculous lines dished her way. You can’t exactly her blame her. And the directing… well I think they just didn’t know what to do with K. Stew. At the end, when of course things are ending happily ever after, she has the same expression as she does when walking down the isle to marry Edward Cullen and let me tell you it is not an expression one would call joyful. Charlize Theron, though doing a rather good job in her role, acted many scenes in a completely melodramatic way, for which we’re inclined to blame the directing. All the melodrama ended up taking away from the really dramatic or scary scenes and we rather felt like we should be scared, or should be upset, rather than having real emotional responses.

All in all, this film was a bit disappointing considering the trailers had given us very high hopes. In the end Mirror Mirror actually blew The Huntsmen out of the water. If you’re looking to see only one Snow White movie this year, this one should not be it. We give Snow White and the Huntsman 5.5/10 (and that’s generous).

~ Julia

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2 thoughts on “Movie review: Snow White and the Hunstman

  1. Jenna says:

    I agree! Went to see it on Wednesday and was sorely disappointed.

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