That is so Sickdead

Sickdead is a word coined by my lovely sister-in-law-to-be (that’s a a lot of hyphens) which originally meant so sick that you feel dead. Or rather, so sick that you’d like to be dead to end your horrific misery. Makes sense.

However, I, along with several of her other bridesmaids, decided that sickdead could also be used ironically for good things, much the same as “ill”, “sick”, and the phrase “sick damage” (yes, that is a real thing, check it out here). In this case, sickdead can be used for things like “I got 105% on my math test! Sickdead!” or “tbh, that sweater is totally sickdead”. So many practical usages.

In any case, I have now begun the prestigious journey of adding sickdead to Urban Dictionary. I’m serious. They have a peer review component. Who knew that Urban Dictionary was so academic? I certainly didn’t, especially since they also define words such as “telephonobia”, which is just what you’d think it was, and “last name” as “Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one, Michael J. Fox has a small one, Cher and Madonna don’t have one, and the Pope has one but doesn’t use it”.

~ Hilary Axle Hatchet

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