What’s the deal with scooters?

“toot toot!”

If your city is like ours you’ve probably seen a lot of people pooting around in scooters. But what I question is: WHY. WHY LORD WHY.

There are two main reasons I shout out why in mock outrage and serious bewilderment. First, I don’t live in Milan. So it’s highly unnecessary to just toodle about on a ridiculous ride. There are great sprawling suburbs and four lane roads where minivans and city buses dominate, and make it very dangerous for delicate individuals on delicate scooters.

The second is that most of these scooters are these quite little electric ones and everybody rides them in the bike lanes. What on Earth is the point in that? You go only as fast as a regular bike, but with less exercise and health benefits. It’s just a very slow way of being lazy. Buy a bicycle you sloths!

~ Julia

p.s. I used quite a few made up verbs in this post, but if Shakespeare can do it, and be revered for it, I figure I can do it and at least have people accept it noncommittally.

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