The Bachelorette: Bringing Other People Together All Over the World

Because today is Bacherlorette day and we’re all likely very excited, I thought I would post some of my general thoughts on the show. Really, there is just one thing that comes to mind when I think of The Bachelorette on a deeper level (hah!), which is the incredible irony of it all. The Bachelorette is really good at bringing people together, just not the people that it’s meant to.

Let me explain. There have been several seasons of this show and, to be fair, I only started watching with Ali’s season. However, I do know that the very first season of the show was successful and that Trista and Ryan are now happily married with children. That is very cute. Since then, Ashley and J.P. have stayed together. I think Ben and Courtney are still together (though we’re not entirely certain why) and that’s about it. There have been at least sixteen seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Those are not as such optimistic statistics (say that five times fast).

However, so many of the hopeful contestants have found love with each other at Bachelor/Bachelorette parties and/or Bachelor Pad, that well-known gem of amazing television. Tenley and Kiptyn, for instance. Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright actually got married, which is adorable because they both seem like wonderful human beings. Holly Durst broke Michael Stagliano’s heart on Bachelor Pad last season in order to marry smarmy dentist Blake. A match made in heaven, obviously. And then there’s Gia, who got together with multiple Bachelorette cast-offs. Living the dream!

But, in addition to bringing somewhat famous Bachelor/Bachelorette cast-offs together, the show also brings regular people together too. I have had many a conversation about Jef-with-one-f and how skinny his pants are this past couple of weeks. Or about that time Justin the wrestler climbed through a garden with a cast on his leg just to avoid a little bit of confrontation with Ali. Or anything about Casey and his stupid tattoo. It’s a great conversation starter.

So even if Emily doesn’t find the love of her life (which would be unfortunate for sure), I, on a more positive note, will likely have made some long-lasting friendships. And Kalon will have found love on Bachelor Pad 3 with one of the super fans (let’s be honest).

~ Hilary Axle Hatchet

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