Burn baby burn!

We’re living in an inferno – and no – not a disco inferno sadly. I’m pretty sure that Southern Ontario has actually relocated to the center of the sun. Anybody who thinks that Canada is full of igloos and penguins needs a geography lesson and to come to Toronto. At 8:00 this morning the temperature was 24 (Celsius, people) — feels like 31 with humidity. For those of you who haven’t adopted the metric system (and should, it’s delightful) that’s 75, feels like 88. Lord!

We’re all pretty used to it here – it’s funniest when people from other provinces come and visit and have a (excuse the pun) meltdown about the heat. It’s not like this right next to the Atlantic ocean we’re told. The thing is, this weather is nothing new, and yet we complain, or at least discuss it, constantly! Clearly, I’m no different, I’m doing so right now. You’d think that after the 20th summer heatwave we’d just shut up about it. You don’t hear people in Dubai complaining about the heat, do you. (Or do you? I’ve never been, I’m making assumptions here). I think it’s because it’s so terribly bitter cold in the winters and so oppressively scorching hot in the summer, us Ontarians just never quite adjust.

I’m really selling my province aren’t I? In all seriousness, come by for a visit. We’ll hit up a beach.

~ Julia

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One thought on “Burn baby burn!

  1. wendy says:

    Actually…On Tuesday the real temp was 30 celsius – IN THE SHADE – and the humidity made it feel like it was 40 degrees. Now that’s hot.

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