Let’s Hear It For the Boys

I have seen Footloose, the original ’80s version, several times in my life. Many of you are probably wondering why, which is valid. I’m not going to lie, I watch it mainly for that one scene when Kevin Bacon is trying to teach his country bumpkin friend Willard how to dance. And also for that scene in the warehouse when Kevin Bacon angry dances. Can we all agree right now to work out all of our rage issues by angry dancing? I think it would make life a far more pleasant thing. It would also, incidentally, make things far more hilarious.

I wonder if Kevin Bacon ever watches this and thinks, “what the hell was I thinking?” I would.

I’m not entirely certain that I’d really want Kevin Bacon to teach me how to dance. Although the transformation is impressive, especially considering how poorly dear old Willard snapped at the beginning of the clip. The best part is definitely when they jazz square down the football field.

And here’s a hilarious parody. It’s surprisingly accurate.

~ Hilary Axle Hatchet

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