Oh Hair No, Drama Llama!

I have just discovered what is possibly the best term in the world: drama llama. Seriously, can we all work really hard in making this a more popular thing? I just think that it needs to be in more frequent use.

According to various Urban Dictionary definitions, a drama llama is a person who thrives off of drama, but claims not to, and also manages to transfer all of their drama to other people, “in the same way a llama randomly spits”. This is wonderful. I think we have all known a drama llama at one point or other in their lives, let’s be honest. And did you wish at the time that you had a better word for them than just their name? Now, instead of saying things like, “leave me out of it, Jennifer!”, you can say, “take it elsewhere, drama llama!”. Seriously, that is fantastic.

~ Hilary Axle Hatchet

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