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I’m live tweeting the women’s gymnastic events at the Olympics. Check it out @SarcasmSoapbox

I’m trying to make #WellDoneCanada a thing. Added bonus, our team is adorable. Seriously, the best looking team there. And I think that deserves a #WellDoneCanada

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Please Stop Talking

I’ve been watching a lot of Olympics this week obviously. I really enjoy watching diving and gymnastics, even though I don’t understand any of it, except that you’re supposed to end with your legs together in both events and the Russians, Chinese, and Japanese dominate. Continue reading

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Robsten: like a car accident I can’t look away from

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Twilight, books or movies, but Kristen Stewart comes out with a huge public apology for cheating on Robert Pattinson, and it’s like an epic car crash that I just can’t look away from. I am so utterly engrossed in this whole scandal! You know what unhinged English girl? I will not leave them alone. I mean I’m not going to personally contact them, I don’t even know how I would begin to do that, I’m not CIA. But I will watch their epic spiral intently because I can not tear my eyes away! Continue reading

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“How dare you scheme in a scheming game!” a post brought you by Bachelor Pad

We start off with a sort of recap of last week’s episode, commencing with twins shouting at each other. I’m extremely confused. And annoyed. Continue reading

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Basement apartments: like living in a fluffy cave

I know that a lot of people knock basements, and rightfully so. They’re the dwelling place of spiders (I drowned what must have been a daddy long-legs on roids this morning in my shower. I will never recover); they’re dark, they’re dingy, and they’re cold. Continue reading

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She’s at it again

Jennifer Lopez should really stop making music videos that are pure comedy gold. I might start taking her more seriously if that was the case.

Continue reading

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This Is…Alarming.

Yesterday, I wrote about how Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman producer. It seems that Julia and I remain two of the very few people who are most upset that they were planning on making a sequel to that horrible, horrible movie. Other people, however, are more upset about what seems like the inevitable break-up of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. None more upset than this young woman, however. Continue reading

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Tips for adults

Since I am becoming a grown-up we have to be real here. It’s not like flipping a switch. So here is some extremely valuable advice I bestow unto you, so that you too, may benefit from my worldly wisdom. I am so wise.  Continue reading

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Growing up is actually ok, I promise.

As you know I think it’s silly when people say that they don’t like birthdays or don’t want to get older. It’s better than the alternative right? But on a softer note, it’s actually ok. I promise, growing up will be alright. Continue reading

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Edward Sparkles No More

You’ve probably heard by now that Kristen Stewart made a public apology for cheating on her long-time boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director. Clearly this is just yet another terrible thing to come from that movie. If you want to know more about this scandalous issue, please consult this alarmingly in depth and thorough article. It even has a timeline. Continue reading

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