Even Better Than Nicholas Sparks

This week’s episode of The Bachelorette, Emily went to hometowns and visited the families of her four remaining boyfriends, a concept which, in itself, is kind of creepy and not so wonderful. But Jef wrote her a love letter, which was wonderful. So wonderful that I think it warrants being heard again.

Seriously, you just don’t usually get this stuff outside of Jane Austen novels. I can basically hear a collective “awwww” from people all over the world as they watch this. The whole thing is very reminiscent of a real-life romance movie moment, like The Notebook or The Last Song, but with normal people and not by Nicholas Sparks. Emily’s reaction is romance movie worthy, telling Jef that it’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to her, and then the camera that Jef feels perfect to her. You know where? In her heart. That’s right, her heart thinks he’s perfect. HER HEART.

Now, I think by this point, everyone can agree that I am an enormous cynic. If you’re unaware of this, we’ve probably never met or you haven’t been keeping up with this blog. Or perhaps you’re just a terrible judge of character. But this letter to Emily, and the incredible real-life romance movie moment it created, I accept with a total lack of cynicism. Shocking, I know. But seriously, they even kiss like they’re in a romance movie, unlike Sean, who kisses tongue first. Blargh.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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3 thoughts on “Even Better Than Nicholas Sparks

  1. watchitrae says:

    Haha I was so grossed out by that kiss with Sean! I’m Team Arie, but I loved Jef’s letter. The men remaining have been in my top three since day one.

  2. […] too, and they need to set an example, he needs to be the gentleman he is. OH gosh he really is better than all the Nicholas Spark movies […]

  3. […] taking notes Roberto). Emily professes her love for Jef, and I think she must have been studying that letter he wrote her because this is too adorable and happy to handle. Good lord. You know when the Grinch’s heart […]

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