Bring It, One Direction

I know that I have said that I like One Direction and that they’re a wonderful boy band and I stick by this declaration. They really are quite good and rather adorable. Simon Cowell is clearly some kind of evil marketing genius. But do you know what they could improve on? Choreographed dance sequences. I think they need more/some of those.

Take this video of *Nsync’s “I Want You Back” for example. It is obviously hilarious and outdated, but the ’90s were a simpler time. You can tell by all of the body rolls they do in this music video (there really are an outrageous number of body rolls). And also their mock turtleneck, spandex t-shirts. But they’re also incredibly in sync (as one would expect from a group called Nsync) and no one can say that they don’t have a lot of attitude. Besides which, I find it incredibly entertaining. I really think that the world could use more dance routines like this from our boy bands. So, work on that, One Direction.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

P.S. Please take this opportunity to note how much that guy from The Bachelorette looks like Chris Kirkpatrick from Nsync. It really is astounding. 

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