Hindsight is a horrible thing

Hindsight is a horrible thing. Sure, sure, hindsight is what allows you to look back on your life, reassess, and decide that the Ugg boots were a terrible mistake, and that’s always a good thing. Always.

But hindsight in every day life is just incredibly terrible. My general philosophy is to not stress about things that you can’t control. Hindsight is just that. Stuck in traffic? And you of course think, oh darn pete I should have left earlier. Well what good is that to anybody? You didn’t and you can’t turn back time. Yeah sure you can learn from your mistakes, and that’s valuable I suppose. But really, hindsight tends to be a whole lot of stress and discomfort.

While I wish I could plan to avoid hindsight in all ways, I’m afraid it’s likely inevitable, seeing as I’m not perfect. I guess the next best course of action would be to learn from my errors in judgement as incredibly quickly as possible and move on.

~ Julia

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