I’m not sure I get reblogging but I like it

Reblogging is a strange concept to me, but it’s pretty much ingrained in blogging culture. WordPress has even designed certain functions that make it super duper easy for you to do, and it’s sort of what Tumblr is built upon. Pinterest is somewhat the same, you take things from other sites and users and post them to your own board.

It just seems really odd to me, being not that long out of university. It just sort of feels a bit too close to plagerism. It’s not in a lot of cases of course, most people either link to or site the sources, but it’s all a bit odd. Why post something on the internet that’s already been posted? It doesn’t really make sense.

And then I discovered Sadie&Dasie. It’s by far my favourite WordPress site (besides ours and Back to the Cutting Board of course) and she has gathered all the best photography from all over the web. Partly her own photography and partly inspiration from others, I absolutely love it. I suggest you check it out. It is reblogging bliss. I don’t get it, but I love it.

~ Julia

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